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Conditioning Academy
Conditioning Academy
Together Training Science and MULTI-STRENGTH BASE FOUNDATION TRAINING offers a total sports conditioning solution to the fitness market. Everyday fitness enthusiasts and sports people from all ages will be able to better themselves and enhance their sports performance. Our years of practical exercise and sports movement was the inspiration to build the MULTI-STRENGTH equipment range to simplify training, scientifically, to optimise total user conditioning and offer industry professionals the opportunity to express themselves and grow. This total sports conditioning solution gives users the opportunity to use top quality training equipment that is engineered around the way the human body is designed to move. It's our passion, desire and persistence towards our users achieving their goals, that sets us apart!


Foundation training consist of two sections:
  • To start with is a series of basic postural static assessment followed by movement tests that gives the trainer or coach the necessary information, through the feedback the body gives, to formulated a goal specific training program with-in the MULTI-STRENGTH sports training system
  • The above is followed by a structured training system based around the specific needs of the individual as well as those of the coaches, the team and the game in which the athlete competes.
  • The training system, post assessment, includes;
    • Four Elements of a successful conditioning program feet on the Ground Training / Proprioception / Tri-planar Movement / Muscle Integration.
    • Covers the Seven Fundamentals of Training Squat / Lunge / Bend / Push / Pull / Rotate / Locomotion.
    • Full kinetic chain training with-in the application of all of the above concepts.
  • The common practise in industry is for individuals to train on bodybuilding type programmes, isolating muscle groups and debilitating the natural flow of movement.
  • This thought process actually debilitates the bodies full kinetic movement chain.
  • This practise have caused many sportsman and women injury and even worse...the end of their careers due to unnecessary muscle mass.

This is where athletes will be training in movement patterns that very closely resemble the patterns of movements of their sports they participate in, giving the body the opportunity to condition itself as close to the match or game situation as possible.

  • Multi Power Box
  • Pull to Dip Frame
  • Slammer Dual Arm
  • Slammer Ground
  • Slammer Single Arm
  • Squat To Row
  • Reverse Hyper-extention
  • Glute To Ham Raise
  • Rear Push
  • Hyper-extention
  • Pilates Wall Unit
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Plate Trees
  • Db Rack
  • Wall Mount Brackets X3
  • Olympic Bars With Sets Of Collars
  • Matts
  • Physio Balls
  • Foam Rollers
  • Db Set as per breakdown
  • Discs as per breakdown
  • Jump Boxes
  • Stretch Cord System

Our MULTI-STRENGTH Sports Series focuses on giving every user the opportunity to reach their goals and maximise their performance with every workout.

The MULTI-STRENGTH Sports Series offers a number of benefits to the user:
  • Weight bearing with feet on the ground placement, whether the objective of the exercise is strength in isolation or multiple joint explosive type sports movements.
  • The variation of plate loaded or tension cord resistance through-out the range.
  • Being able to train optimally in both isolation and multiple muscle group exercises.
  • User safety increased with the parallel support bars with in the power cages, offering sportsman the opportunity to really extend their boundaries.
  • Exercise execution where right and left works independently as if they are working on separate machines, aiding the user in challenging the body through all the different angles of motion and stability while executing fully multi-joint Movements.
  • Natural free-flowing movements through-out the whole range will train users in movement patterns that closely resemble those of day-to-day living.
  • A training system that focuses on all the main physical conditioning components to take your game to next level, backed up by a total education system, educating athletes, trainers and sports coaches on the following:
    • Postural and Functional assessment
    • Better understanding of the basics of physical conditioning
    • Correct exercise execution and technique
    • How to optimise the training facility to maximise athletic potential
    • Get better team results and on-the-field performance
Conditioning Academy
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