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Conditioning Academy
Conditioning Academy


  • They set specific goals.

  • They follow a training plan tailored to their development needs.

  • They compete against themselves.

  • They put maximum effort into every practise and every drill.

  • They do what others are too lazy to do.

  • They eat right and drink right.

  • They use sleep as a lever for greater success.

  • They work with both sport and peak performance coaches in order to max their development.

  • Its all math to them – what you are willing to put in, you will get out.

  • They use behaviour pattern to attract success.


    The TRAINING SCIENCE CAD (Complete Athlete Development )-program , is designed, adapted and managed on a well balanced formula for athletes of all ages, integrating the components of;

  • Operating mechanics

  • Physical growth and development

  • Athlete education on performance physiology , empowering young athletes to break self-imposed boundaries/limitations to reach optimal performance in their sport and in life.

  • Motivation, commitment, fun and team camaraderie in the training environment.

  • The TRAINING SCIENCE CAD- program currently runs at any given time between 65 & 90 young sportsman focusing on bettering themselves, raising their performance and conditioning work in a state of the art training environment that lends itself to this structured group format training system.

    TRAINING SCIENCE prides itself in having the opportunity to work with National Colours Sportsman, across sports like TOUCH RUGBY, ROWING, GOLF, TENNIS, BMX RACING , ATHLETICS & the sport of TRIAL BIKING, provincial level athletes in ATHLETICS, RUGBY, TOUCH RUGBY, NETBALL AND ROWING, as well as the young aspiring only starting their sporting careers and following the tracks of many accomplished athletes before them at TRAINING SCIENCE.

    Please contact us to get full understanding of our Youth CAD-Program


    In recent times the Team has been put to task by the Balwin Property group to change the face of cluster living ....

    The Team has taken this new Wellness partnership to new heights, introducing 300 plus square meter fitness facilities in two locations, Somerset West in Cape Town and Fourways in the North of Jhb, this includes a full management system of the facillity.

    The outdoor FIT TRACK concept has been introduced at 4 different sites in and around jhb as well as Cape Town. FIT TRACK

    This combination of state of the art training facilities, professional fitness management solutions and structure outdoor group format training gives the residents of these apartments the exposure to a balanced lifestyle while in the secure environment of their cluster development.

    The objective includes building a healthy fitness community with-in the estate where residence will inspire and motivate each other to live a healthy lifestyle.


    The Training approach is wholesome, fresh and very efficient.... assisting hundreds of corporate members raise their mind body awareness, better their health & wellness and being more efficient at their career and in their workplace. This in itself makes climbing the corporate ladder so much easier.
    The TRAINING SCIENCE corporate management turnkey solution includes;

  • Gym facillity design and lay-out
  • Gym equipment supply and installation
  • Facillity management of staff and operations
  • Facilitation of all wellness and fitness needs


    Thepast two years the TRAINING SCIENCE team have formatted the Ultimate Cross-Over Athlete Challenge, at our Rivonia Corporate facillity and most recently at the 2013-Leeufees in Bedfordview, This competition challenges participants across various sets or stations of functional full body movements, combining strength, explosive power and mental toughness. This challenge really creates the Ultimate cross-over athlete, combining the following components of conditioning:

  • Pure strength
  • Functional movement
  • Explosive Plyometric ability
  • Total anaerobic threshold conditioning
  • Competition strategy and execution
  • Absolute mental toughness – to be the Ultimate Cross-over Athlete

  • Most recently at the 2013 Leeufees Ultimate Cross-Over Athlete Challenge, one of the Training Science trainers out performed much bigger and stronger guys to be the last man standing and prove that power-to-weight-ratio is the most competitive tool in sport.

    The list of upcoming events will soon be posted on our facebook page to lure all aspiring Cross-over Athletes. Facebook

    TRAINING SCIENCE ongoing concerns include;

  • Karan Beef executive Wellness solution
  • Rugby Conditioning Programs
  • Rowing Conditioning Programs
  • Hockey and Netball conditioning
  • Fit-Track Design and installation
  • Gym design, equipment installation and turnkey facilitation
  • Gym equipment manufacturing, supply and installation
  • Estate / Cluster wellness solutions

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